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we encourage everyone to learn what steps they can follow to ensure a lifetime of healthy eyesight. Here we have placed a simplified search tool to examine the most requested areas of interest in safe guarding your vision. Even though our web site has many resources; please contact us directly if you require information not discussed.

Protect your eyes:  from hazards around the house such as when using power tools or household chemicals since more people are injured at home than on the job. See our recommendations in eye health = eye safety in health news

Diet & Vitamins: maintain a healthy body weight, reduce levels of sugar and salt in the foods you eat & discuss with your doctor these supplements to prevent eye disease.

Annual eye health examinations a yearly eye checkup can ensure your eyes work at their best level of performance and last a lifetime for the leading causes of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are first detected in the eyes

Don't smoke: smoking leads to higher incidences of cataracts, eye disease, and macular degeneration

Lubrication:  Dry eyes contribute to blurred vision and eye infections Cooler outside temperatures and warmer inside temperatures dry out the atmosphere lowering your eyes moisture level. Perspiration dries out the ocular surface and Computer use reduces blinking by as much as 75% making your eyes drier. Natural tear eye drops (not "get the red out" type drops) help the eye maintain proper moisture levels and are not habit forming.

Protect your eyes from ultraviolet exposure: sunglasses are the sunscreen for your eyes to prevent cataracts. Please review our recommendations for sunglass lens colors

Limit rubbing of the eyes: evidence suggests that repeated rubbing of the eyes can adversely affect cornea strength.


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