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Eye Health = Eye Safety....  7 steps for Healthier Eyes in 2017.  

Eliminate visual stress: reducing the stress on your eyes can be achieved by removing the effects of glare and make sure your eyeglasses have the best optical product for your job’s visual demands. The wrong eyeglass prescription can reduce your productivity by as much as 20%.  Keep your eyeglasses always fitting properly to maximize the prescription.

Lubrication: computer use reduces blinking by as much as 75% making your eyes drier. Dry eyes contribute to blurred vision and eye infections Cooler outside temperatures and warmer inside temperatures dry out the atmosphere lowering your eyes moisture level. Natural tear eye drops (not "get the red out" type drops) help the eye maintain proper moisture levels and are not habit forming.

Proper Rest: the human eye requires at least six hours of rest in order for you to see clearly, proper contact lens function, and adequate eye moistness.

 Know the 7 Warning signs of a vision problem .  

Protect your eyes: From the elements such as dryness caused by effects of wind, with sunglasses against the low angle of the winter sun and summer's intense sky, hazards around the house such as when using power tools or household chemicals. More people are injured at home than on the job

Vitamins: discuss with your doctor these supplements to prevent eye disease. Cataracts: A daily multivitamin reduces the risk of cataracts by 25%. Vitamins C and E, along with leafy vegetables like spinach, also reduces your risk of developing cataracts. Macular degeneration: Lutein, a plant pigment, is found in leafy vegetables such as spinach. Reduced levels of Lutein in the eye have been reported in patients with macular degeneration. Bausch & Lomb has developed a vitamin supplement Ocuvite for patients with macular degeneration. Glaucoma: A brisk walk regimen, vitamin B 12 and magnesium may help reduce pressure inside the eye. Diabetic retinopathy: Magnesium and vitamin C may slow the onset.

Annual eye health examinations a yearly eye checkup can ensure your eyes work at their best level of performance and last a lifetime for the leading causes of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are first detected in the eyes