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Even though the letters on the left side are capitalized and larger, do you see how much harder it is to focus through the scratches?

 All ophthalmic lenses lose their impact strength in direct proportion to the breakdown of the lens edge and surfaces. The greater the number and depth of scratches; the weaker the lens becomes. There is an inherent hazard in continuing to wear damaged safety lenses because their protection value is significantly reduced. A safety lens whose surface has been damaged from flying debris or a corrosive splash is at an elevated risk of shattering if impacted. The lens should be replaced when inspection reveals the types of damages pictured above. Our office recommends, at minimum, annual replacement of prescription safety lenses in order to provide the highest level of eye protection. For information on preventing scratches and damages to safety lenses please visit

 guidelines for replacing a prescription lens:

If you hold the lens up to a light and are unable to see through the lens due to scratches: replace it!

If any part of the lens has chipped or the surface is pitted: replace it!

If cracks are visible in the lens: replace it!

prescription glasses are considered a class 1 medical device requiring a valid prescription and the FDA stipulates lenses must be impact resistant. Both OSHA and the FDA regulate industrial prescription safety lenses.

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