Safety frames came into existence after the creation of OSHA in the 1970s and were designed to fit the facial features of an average white male. As demographic changes occurred in the workforce; our inventory of 100 safety frames changed to accommodate the unique fitting requirements for each ethnic group. For example; we have safety frames with different side shield shapes otherwise many workers of Hispanic origin will suffer discomfort from the side shields digging into the skin on top of their cheeks. Many individuals who are from Asian countries have a smaller bridge of their nose. And we have frame styles that meet their needs for smaller sizes. The major safety frame manufacturers have noticed this change in the American workforce demographics and discontinued some forty styles of safety frames in just the past two years. You can view some of this year's new styles in our Product highlight:

The numbers don't lie ....  over the past decade the demographics of the American workforce have changed quietly, yet dramatically. Since 2000 the workforce has seen these transformations:

            Women now comprise almost 48% of the workforce ( a 17% increase since 1970)                                    

           White males have been reduced by 4% and men now represent only 52% of the workforce

            Individuals of Hispanic origins saw an almost 50% increase in their representation of the workforce

            Individuals from Asian countries increased by 25%

            Approximately 20% of the workforce is now over age 55

Prescription safety glasses ..... protect the employee from injury while improving their visual performance and work productivity. Prescription safety glasses are a class 1 medical device for the employee. 25 years experience will ensure the eyewear accuracy to satisfy the specific visual requirements for each employee‘s job. One of our specialties is the presbyopic requirements of the computer user. Your employees may select a style from over 100 safety frames including Stainless steel, integrated side shields, Titanium & Nonconductive frames to fit beyond the 95th percentile from the convenience of your facility. Our staff will assist your employees in the selection, proper measurements, and design of the their eyewear. Please contact our office at 708-686-5266. For a PDF file of the frame styles we provide please send your email to

                                           Frame Manufacture Lines Carried:   

                                    Titmus, On Guard, Design Guard, 3M, Artcraft Armour

Respirator inserts by Hudson

Non Conductive safety frames by Titmus, 3M, On Guard, Artcraft Armour

   First quality lens materials and designs available:

 Lenses and frames meet ANSI Z 87.1/2010 One year frame & lens warranty against breakage

CR 39
High Index
Progressive bifocals of all types and categories for industrial and computer users

Double D occupational bifocals
Transition lenses
Glass Welding lenses
Glass Didymium lenses

High Impact Polycarbonate lenses include tint, UV filter, and front surface scratch protection at no additional cost