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        SG110 safety frame for women

DG 93

Five new styles DG 92 - 96 are now available for both men and women. Since we are fighting breast cancer I thought a frame in pink was appropriate

DGXL series of frames by Hudson are designed to fit men who have large facial features which are outside the 95th percentile


prescription Respirator Insert is the solution for clear sharp vision and protection

Description: Description: Prescription Respirator Insert MS-1 Facepiece




For the past two months I have been using for my patients; your employees, a new progressive bifocal lens. I am very excited to report those who used this vastly improved no line bifocal told me:

I saw better through my new safety glasses than my regular eyeglasses

The New Varilux Comfort progressive bifocal design has 2 distinct advantages over existing no line brands. The distance portion of this bifocal lens is wider so the employee’s field of view is expanded. In my opinion; making this bifocal lens safer to use and wear on the job, driving, and at home. The intermediate zone typically used for work at arm’s length (and computer viewing) is free of the distortion normally associated with a progressive bifocal. This feature should increase both the employee visual accuracy and productivity.

Benefits for progressive bifocal wearer: With natural sight a person who is reading will tilt their head at angle of 45 degrees downward. In the past progressive bifocal wearers would have to raise (and maintain)  their head at angle of 30 degrees in order to apply the ophthalmic lens prescription. The New Varilux Comfort allows the progressive bifocal user to keep their head more naturally at 40 degrees. On average a person is changing tasks every 7 minutes. The New Varilux Comfort lens allows the user to more easily move between the three zones of the progressive bifocal. This progressive is also available in a design for smaller frame styles and has an added "expanded" feature for the distance zone.

For further discussion of the New Varilux Comfort lens; please call our office at 708-686-5266