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Prescription Safety Glasses

Vision Xperts speciality:   Our staff will assist your employees in the selection, proper measurements, and design of their eyewear. Critical factors such as frame and lens materials, side shield usage and current styles are issues for the employee which affect compliance in the use of their eye protection. Your employees may select from over 100 safety frames from the convenience of your facility.  Prescription safety glasses, unlike other PPE, cannot be selected simply by choosing from a catalog picture and description.  

PPE Non-Compliance is a Top Workplace Safety Issue
Thirty percent of the respondents said they had observed PPE non-compliance on many occasions. Most of the safety professionals who were polled said PPE non-compliance was their top workplace safety issue.
The problem seems to be getting worse. A  Kimberly-Clark poll found that 89 percent of safety professionals had observed workers working without PPE.

The top five reasons safety professionals are given by workers who aren’t wearing PPE are:

It is uncomfortable.

It makes the worker too warm.

PPE isn’t available near the work task.

It doesn’t fit properly.

It looks unattractive.

Asked what solutions they have tried or intended to try to improve PPE compliance, the safety professionals’ top response was “improving existing education and training programs.”

Prescription safety eyewear is that unique piece of industrial equipment which must be customized to the needs of each individual employee. Vision Xperts provide only first quality frames and lenses warranted for one year. No close outs or discontinued items!

Services are available on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Mobile Coverage is available for 1st shift, 2nd shift, and 3rd shift operations.

To learn how we can help your prescription safety glasses efforts please contact us at 708-686-5266/ by email at or examine our No Headache page