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I would like to share comments customers and their employees have emailed to our office.......


Thanks Duane!  You’ve been nothing but helpful the entire time…it’s a pleasure working with you!!!


As I mentioned to you, you do an extremely great job in communicating with people and I think you’ll help us make this new program a big success.  Thanks.



Thank you for all your help. I definitely appreciate the on site help with this process ...EH



Thanks so much Duane.... I truly appreciate all of your help and advice over the years.... Vicky


Thanks again for making a special trip in to fit the new safety glasses.  We appreciate it. E



Hi Duane – In case I forget to tell you tomorrow when you’re here, Bob  said the quality of his new didymium glasses is great.  He said they’re blue lenses instead of green and they’re much clearer. 



Duane, the glasses you made are the best I ever had! You were absolutely correct and made a set that are perfect for me, never had a pair fit and function this well, thank you. Ken


Thanks Duane! We appreciate your efforts and service you provide to our site. Larry


Thank you. The reports you provide are  helpful information to track for next years program to see what people are purchasing.


I have been very pleased with your service ..... and  will undoubtedly continue the same excellent standard of customer service. Bob

It seems everyone loves their glasses. Tim

Thank you very much for your help and your great service to our employee's! Lucey

It's an odd thing these days to
receive such good customer service. Rich


Rated the highest for knowledgeably, clarity of response, and timeliness as a volunteer expert at

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