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Computer Eyeglasses

Most industrial environments have programs in place to address the health and safety in the production areas of the plant. But often overlooked are the office worker support areas such as: accounting, customer service, engineering, order processing, and secretarial staff. Computer work besides placing prolonged stress on the body; is extremely visually intensive.

The American Journal of Industrial Medicine published over 50% of workers suffered physical difficulties in the first year at the new job. Almost one third suffered a new onset of neck or shoulder symptoms and a quarter of these employees suffered new onset of symptoms in the arms or hands. Women and those over age 30 were most lilkely to exhibit symptoms from computer use.  People adjust their posture in direct relationship to how they can see the monitor screen.  These "adjustments" affect the forces acting on an individual's neck, shoulder, and back. Which then directly affect the arms and hands!

Vision Xperts specializes in the engineering of the computer workplace. We can help you resolve the employee health and safety complaints which arise from the office environment. And we have in our resources the specialized eyewear to address the very unique visual demands of computer utilization. Even employees who do not wear glasses on a regular basis will eventually require eyewear to provide a remedy for the recurring reduced visual performance, headaches, chronic dryness and the related musculoskeletal difficulties.

To learn how we can begin to help your office workers today; please examine our ergonomic services, ergonomic guidelines, or call our office at 708-686-5266.



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