Arm Rotation

Extend both arms/elbows straight out each side, make small circles first forward five times, rest, then backward five times

Finger Curl

Hold arms straight out in front, make a fist, open fist and bend fingers out and up

Finger Flex

Spread out fingers as wide as possible, count to five

Head/Neck flex

Tilt head to left towards shoulder then to right. Tuck chin look to right shoulder then to left

Knee Raise

Sit straight in chair, tighten abdominal muscles, raise knees two inches, count to 3

Knee stretch

Grasp one leg below knee and pull towards chest. Repeat for other leg

Neck flex slowly glide chin towards to and touch chest, The slowly glide head backwards

Neck rotation

Slowly rotate head clockwise then reverse. 3 times each direction

Pectoral flex lock fingers behind neck. Press elbows backwards, head stationary

Shoulder relax

Arms at sides, slowly lift and roll shoulders first forward, rest, then backwards

Waist stretch

Arms straight up, lock fingers, slowly lean to the left then to the right


Sit in chair with feet flat on floor. Bend over and touch right hand to left foot. The alternate


Check with your physician before utilization of any exercise program