The best color for reading text on a computer monitor.

How You see the monitor is critical. So when designing your preferences remember it is through your eyes you interact with the computer via the monitor. Your eyes make it possible to: Receive information      process data     execute decisions

The letters printed on a page of paper and letters on a monitor made by pixels are viewed differently by the human eye. In order to see the letters:

> your right and left eye working together must focus on the first letter of the first word

> as the eyes move from left to right they must understand each letter and comprehend each word

> and send the information back to the brain

> happening in about a tenth of a second

For optimum performance and productivity; we recommend black letters on a white background so your eyes can focus with the best comprehension. You will experience less eye strain and headaches. If you are having trouble viewing the colors; please read our information on color blindness

For more information regarding computer ergonomics in the workplace; please contact our office at 708-686-5266.

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