Along with regular examinations by an eye doctor, individuals can test their eyesight for possible symptoms of macular disease with a simple home test. The Amsler grid is not a substitute for expert medical diagnosis, it does allow individuals to check their eyesight regularly for possible symptoms of macular disease. By checking daily you can stay alert to any changes in your vision. Should they occur, see your doctor immediately. If you have any questions regarding the Amsler Grid you may contact your doctor or our office.

To use the Amsler Grid

   Test your vision with adequate lighting.                    If you wear glasses, make sure you are wearing them

   Position the chart 14 inches away from your eye      Cover and test one eye at a time

   Stare at the dot in the center at all times.                   Do not let your eye drift from the center dot.

Now ask yourself the following questions as you check each eye individually:

Are any of the lines crooked or bent?

Are any of the boxes different in size or shape from the others?

                    Are any of the lines wavy, missing, blurry, or discolored?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes" and this is an new observation to you; you should contact your doctor immediately for an examination. This new observation may indicate that changes are taking place inside your eye and require analysis. Vision Xperts, 613 S. 2nd St., St. Charles, IL 60174  708-686-5266